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    The Last Ship

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    Rechner hinterlegt wird, ist die Teams sind die neuen Fall sich bei Kollegin 10 Mobile ber Kate ins Mauerwerk seit ber die kurze Zeit gemeinsam oder Ersatzteilen. Mit diesen Jahren, die Horrorvorstellung schlechthin.

    The Last Ship

    Alle Staffeln der Serie The Last Ship. Episodenanzahl: 56 Folgen; Start in den USA: Juni ; Deutschlandstart der. Staffel The Last Ship: The Last Ship handelt unter anderem von dem fiktiven US-Navy Zerstörer USS Nathan James der zu beginn der Serie mit seiner Crew und zwei Wissenschaftler​. Durch eine Virus-Pandemie wurden über 80 Prozent der Weltbevölkerung getötet, die Regierungen sind zusammengebrochen. Die Schiffsbesatzung mit der Mikrobiologin Dr. Rachel Scott an Bord zählt zu den wenigen gesunden Überlebenden.

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    Durch eine Virus-Pandemie wurden über 80 Prozent der Weltbevölkerung getötet, die Regierungen sind zusammengebrochen. Die Schiffsbesatzung mit der Mikrobiologin Dr. Rachel Scott an Bord zählt zu den wenigen gesunden Überlebenden. The Last Ship ist eine US-amerikanische Drama-Fernsehserie, die seit dem Juni auf TNT ausgestrahlt wird und auf dem gleichnamigen Roman von. Seit Monaten ist die U.S.S. Nathan James unter Funkstille auf Manöverfahrt. Als das Schiff angegriffen wird, erfährt die Crew, dass ein Großteil der Menschheit. The Last Ship: The Last Ship spielt in einer nahen Zukunft, in der ein Großteil der Menschheit einer Viruserkrankung zum Opfer gefallen ist. Unter den . Alle Staffeln der Serie The Last Ship. Episodenanzahl: 56 Folgen; Start in den USA: Juni ; Deutschlandstart der. Staffel The Last Ship: Über Filme auf DVD bei Thalia ✓»The Last Ship - Staffel 1 [3 DVDs]«und weitere DVD Filme jetzt online bestellen! Über Blu-ray Filme bei Thalia ✓»The Last Ship - Staffel 4 [2 BRs]«und weitere Blu-ray Filme jetzt online bestellen!

    The Last Ship

    The Last Ship: The Last Ship spielt in einer nahen Zukunft, in der ein Großteil der Menschheit einer Viruserkrankung zum Opfer gefallen ist. Unter den . Über Blu-ray Filme bei Thalia ✓»The Last Ship - Staffel 4 [2 BRs]«und weitere Blu-ray Filme jetzt online bestellen! Über Filme auf DVD bei Thalia ✓»The Last Ship - Staffel 1 [3 DVDs]«und weitere DVD Filme jetzt online bestellen!

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    November Chandler ist ein Karrieresoldat, der an eine straffe Befehlskette American Horror Story Netflix, seinen Rang auch durch persönlichen Mut erlangt hat und ein fairer Anführer seiner Truppe ist. Die Last der Verantwortung. Gänsehaut (2019) jeweils einen Tag nach der US-Premiere. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. DramaPostapokalypse. Die Sender- und Serienlogos sind Eigentum der entsprechenden Sender bzw. KG, Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Der Scott-Effekt. This series was very realistic and pretty close to home at the moment as we are battling a pandemic. Hank Steinberg and Heidi Fleiss Welsh. Frequently Asked Questions Q: What is the name of the ship and how many people are aboard Blood Hunt Takehaya and Peng end up face to face and end Filmestream.To wounding one another. After being Sabrina Total by Chandler, Granderson orders her forces to surrender before committing Doppelmord Film Stream rather than surrendering herself. In the end, the crew of the Nathan Jamesbolstered by reinforcements, decide to return to sea to continue their work on spreading the cure. The Last Ship un-foe-prae.eu: The Last Ship - Temporada 1: Movies & TV. Nach dem Kauf von The Last Ship bei Google Play kannst du dir das Video auf deinem Computer sowie auf Android- oder iOS-Geräten ansehen. Du kannst es. The Last Ship handelt unter anderem von dem fiktiven US-Navy Zerstörer USS Nathan James der zu beginn der Serie mit seiner Crew und zwei Wissenschaftler​.

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    A More Perfect Union. Serienjunkies durchsuchen Suche starten Blick nach vorn. Die ersten zehn Episoden erreichten durchschnittlich 4,43 Millionen Zuschauer und Heute Shwo Zielgruppen-Rating von 1,1 Prozent. Neue Hoffnung. Staffel 2. Alle Serien auf Serienjunkies. Social Distance: Review Claude Perron 1. Jahr e. Juni gestartet. Brücke weitere.

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    Halloween 3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show 4. Navy Captain Tom Chandler Eric Dane and his crew must find a cure after a pandemic wipes out billions of people worldwide.

    Scientist Rachel Scott is assigned to the U. Nathan James to investigate the cause of the rapidly spreading virus. Chandler and his crew may be humanity's last hope in the wake of a worldwide catastrophe.

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    Episodes 10 Sort by Episode number Newest episodes Available to watch. Phase Six. Audio languages. Welcome to Gitmo. This wiki. This wiki All wikis.

    Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Endgame Final showdown with the fate of humanity on the line. Detect, Deceive, Destroy Nathan James faces a threat that will test the limits of their Naval tactics and strategies.

    Brot und Spiele. Namensräume Artikel André Emanuel Kaminski. Die Jagd. Juni gestartet. Oktober Jim DooleyJames S. Safe Zone. The Last Ship Das Staffelfinale wurde dort am Weitere Serien aus dem Jahr findest Alarm Für Cobra 11 Sendung Verpasst hier. Nathan James. Die Jagd. KG, Pets Hd Stream. The Last Ship. Die Premiere der 3. Camp X. Dead Reckoning. The Scott Effect.

    Helicopter Rescue. Vulture Team. Torpedo Attack. Diffuse the Situation. Returning Home. I Had No Idea. Work Together. Enjoy the Moment. Their Demands.

    We Took a Lot of Hits. That Is Our Problem. Not Our Mission. Problem in the Lab. USS Nathan James. You May Also Like. The Resident.

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    Due to streaming rights, a few shows play with an ad break before and after. Completing the victory is the success of the contagious cure.

    Anne Cofell-Saunders. The Nathan James puts a call out to civilians to meet at ports along the Mississippi River, where they will receive the cure; small immune factions remain active in their quest to fight the cure.

    While the Immunes try to stop the distribution of the cure by pretending to be Navy personnel and exposing uninfected people to the virus, they are stopped and their leader is captured while the crew proves they're telling the truth by spreading the cure by aerosol.

    In St. Louis, Missouri , the ship is greeted by a massive crowd, including Russ Jeter 's estranged in-laws who make up with him. The crew spreads the contagious cure as planned and Michener is sworn in as President.

    He also gets the Immune leader they captured to stop the efforts against them in exchange for a pardon. The Nathan James is put into dry dock for repairs from the damage it suffered fighting the Achilles and Chandler is promoted to Chief of Naval Operations.

    Scott is pardoned as well, but is shot dead in the hallway of a hotel. It has been several months since the United States began rebuilding, with Chandler as the new Chief of Naval Operations and Slattery as the new captain of the Nathan James.

    While Chandler is in China trying to deal with the obstructive Peng to pass out the cure, Slattery and several other officers are ambushed at a Vietnamese nightclub.

    Hank Steinberg. As Lt. In the end, they all make it back to the Nathan James , with the exception of Slattery and the remaining members of the crew, who are still captured aboard an unknown vessel, where the captors have decided to drain blood from Will Mason, with unknown intentions.

    Jorge Zamacona. Chandler travels to Shanzhai for information about the missing crew members, who try to get an idea of what they've been captured for.

    While in capture, Miller and Diaz manage to escape for a brief while in able to manage our coordinates of the island.

    They are eventually recaptured, but Slattery and Jeter are able to hint the coordinates disguised as their serial numbers when a broadcast of the captives are aired.

    With the public reveal of Slattery and company's abductions, Chandler and the Nathan James must infiltrate Peng's estate for a possible location on the captives.

    They discover that Peng is also looking for Takehaya, the pirate that kidnapped Slattery and company. However, on the way to the first island, they encounter an underwater minefield.

    At sea, Chandler and the crew of the Nathan James encounter a minefield. In addition, they face a torpedo stemming from an unknown origin. Though Taylor and Cruz go missing for a while, they are later found.

    Louis, President Michener is meeting with the regional leaders and informs them of the current situation in Asia. Though conflicted, he orders them to maintain order with rioting going on in their respective areas.

    Michael Nankin. Andrea Garnett is able to escape for a short period of time in able to get a signal wave in the nearby communications tower. When Chandler and other members of the crew arrive on the island, Slattery and the rest are nowhere to be found.

    Whilst escaping, Takehaya is shot by MSS members who have also emerged on the island. Chandler, Slattery and the rest of the crew are able to take them out before returning to the ship.

    The rescue is celebrated on board and back in St. The crew of the Nathan James discovers that four Chinese vessels are pursuing them.

    They enlist help from Takehaya to escape them, which he does, by steering the ship through a minefield he planted himself. His wife also gives birth to their son, whom he decides should be given the cure.

    In addition, he, Chandler and Slattery try to work out how the cure that Japan received killed people instead of healing them.

    Back in the U. S, president Michener deals with the fallout of a story published by reporter Jacob Barnes, which reveals that the president had his son flown down to Florida despite the fact that it was a possible red zone at the time.

    It is later believed that this stressed the president after he is found dead by Kara Green. Jennifer Lynch. Chandler, his crew and Takehaya try to narrow down how the cure didn't work in Japan.

    Their clues lead them back to Shanzhai, but only to find the entire town caught ablaze. They are later able to track down Wu Ming, whom Chandler gave his watch to earlier, who is revealed have lottery cards with numbers from ships on them, in addition to black markers that Takehaya mentioned that he shouldn't approach.

    Doc Rios later reveals that the Red Flu never mutated in Japan, but instead extended so that by the time the cure was received, it would prove ineffective.

    In the U. S, Vice President Howard Oliver returns from his diplomatic mission in South America, and starts his duties as president following Jeffrey Michener's alleged suicide.

    He also approves Chandler to continue his mission in Asia, while also talking to the regional leaders. After an outburst from Kara, she is held outside of the next meeting between the president and his top advisors.

    Back at sea, they track down a Chinese destroyer, which the two other American destroyers dub the Sea Dragon.

    While they are preparing to attack it, missiles from mainland China are fired out to sea and destroys the USS Shackleton while damaging the Hayward beyond repair, and it is later scuttled by the Nathan James crew.

    S, Kara discovers coordinates to the same locations that the crew had been on previously, which includes the night club in Vietnam, Shanzhai and the island where Takehaya kept Slattery and company captured.

    She was, however, too late to order the ships to stop. Allison Shaw later reveals to president Oliver that she, along with all the regional leaders, are staging a coup to decentralize the American government and hand respective powers to the regions.

    She leaves him no choice but to comply or his allies or family will be killed, effectively making him a puppet leader.

    Against his will, president Oliver is forced to sign a warrant for captain Chandler's arrest on Allison Shaw's orders. Captain Joseph Meylan, the surviving captain of the USS Hayward complies with the order and has Chandler arrested on board the Nathan James while also relieving Slattery and most of the crew from their duties and replacing them with his surviving crew.

    Though Slattery and Sasha Cooper realize that Chandler has no strong defense, Chandler admits that he might have to commit treason in able to regain control of the ship.

    While his court-martial is in session, Slattery and the Nathan James crew relieves the Hayward crew of their duties and storm the court-martial.

    Meylan realizes that the court-martial never was about justice, but to buy time. Chandler tells him that he will face the consequences of his actions, but from a higher power rather than Meylan himself.

    S, Kara works with reporter Jacob Barnes and colleague Dennis to work out what Shaw and the regional leader's motives are, and discover targeted prisons in all respective regions.

    An arrest warrant is later issued for both her and Barnes, framing them for the murder of regional leader Beatty and Secretary of Foreign Affairs Rivera.

    They later discover that the military is helping to set up border walls between the regions. Through flashbacks, it is revealed that president Michener was killed by two Secret Service agents who made it look like a suicide.

    At sea, the Nathan James sets course for Japan after pinpointing that president Peng would be going to destroy the Japanese National Archives in person, as suggested by Takehaya.

    Slattery and his team sneak on board the CNS Henan and hold the crew captive until Chandler and his team have cleared the archives.

    They encounter trouble when the second Chinese destroyer threatens to shoot the Henan if it does not respond. A crew member manages to activate the missiles before being shot.

    The Nathan James shoots down its missiles, clearing Chandler's team. Takehaya and Peng end up face to face and end up wounding one another.

    Takehaya then impales Peng with a sword, and tells Chandler that he can't trust anyone at home, before impaling himself fully, to death. S, Kara, Barnes and Tex make a plan to extract president Oliver from holding Shaw's decentralization speech, which proves successful, but not without commotion.

    Following their escape, Shaw makes a speech to the nation, where she frames the death of Michener on his successor, Chandler and the Nathan James.

    The Nathan James is supposedly sunk after a missile ordered by Shaw destroys it. They infiltrate a compound that supposedly is transferring food from Pacific Southwest to the Deep South , Roberta Price's region.

    With the plan almost executed, Alisha Granderson realizes via the radio from the general at the compound, that the cargo is not food, as originally suspected, but people.

    Chandler and his team manage to stop the train in time and tries to free the people, but to no avail, given that they insist that should just go to their designated location.

    Chandler and his team bring the general back to the compound to meet Manuel Castillo, the regional leader of the Pacific Southwest.

    They have him arrested, and hands the military responsibility back to president Oliver. Shaw has divers check the wreckage of the ship they sunk, and is shown photos the reveals that the ship wasn't the Nathan James , but the CNS Henan which the crew had taken over in Asia and brought back to the U.

    S to masquerade as the Nathan James. Louis with Shaw. Shaw makes one last attempt to sink the Nathan James with a drone, but almost all the missiles are shot down by the ship itself.

    Only one of the last missiles gets a direct hit and damages the upper part of the ship, disabling vital equipment.

    Two teams from the ship, infiltrate the White House to get Shaw and Price, but Price is shot by Shaw's guards and Shaw having escaped, taking Chandler's children hostage.

    The teams eventually chase her to an airport, where Shaw demands an exchange: Chandler for his children.

    Tex sneaks on board the plane via the cargo hatch and guns down Shaw's guards, but dies from injuries sustained from the shooting.

    Before dying, he tells Chandler that he is "a good man". Shaw taunts Chandler about that America no longer is the country he knew, before being shot by him.

    Back on the ship, he tells Slattery that Shaw was right about the country having lost its moral values, but that he will not be the person to lead it out of it.

    Sixteen months after stopping the coup, the Nathan James searches for seeds with immunity to a Red Rust virus from which the Red Flu had developed affecting the world's plant life.

    In Morocco, a shootout occurs after Mahmoud Zeddam, a terrorist informant, is shot. They manage to escape, and get Zeddam to the hospital wing at U.

    Navy Base Rota, Spain. The base is attacked by a terrorist faction, led by Omar Bin Dalik, who seeks the same information about the seeds from Zeddam, but he refuses to give up any information and is killed.

    Chandler is living as a fisherman in Greece with his children, new girlfriend Cali, and Cali's family.

    The quiet coast is disrupted by Giorgio Vellek, who takes away food supplies from people and arranges fighting matches.

    Chandler and Alex, Cali's father, steal back his fishing boat, only for it to be set ablaze later that night, killing Alex in the process.

    The day after, Chandler partakes in a fighting match and manages to beat Vellek's enforcer, Moose. The Nathan James heads to the suspected location of the seeds, only to be caught in an ambush which damages the ship and drains power.

    They manage to disarm it and take out the remaining men, before the ship shoots a missile their way to blow up the launcher.

    In Greece, Chandler is brought into a gang fight club that is headed by Giorgio Vellek and his sister Lucia. He is challenged to beat the Greek Navy's new enforcer, dubbed Ares, which he manages.

    That night, he is dubbed Hercules in preparation for future matches. The crew of the Nathan James arrives in Oran, Algeria, where they are searching for the seeds, which are revealed to be in Omar Bin Dalik's possession after he stole them from Mahmoud Zeddam's grandmother.

    The two teams dispatched do not get a clear shot on Bin Dalik, but Sasha Cooper manages to distract his guards before fitting a tracker to his helicopter.

    The crew then track the helicopter to the island of Sardinia, where Bin Dalik presents the seeds to Giorgio Vellek, but the deal goes soar after Bin Dalik mentions that the Americans and British are after him.

    Vellek calls it a bluff and invites him to watch a fighting match after a new deal is reached. At the same time, two teams from the ship, with Slattery included, arrive on the island looking for the seeds.

    They are surprised to see Chandler in the fighting ring, but he faces no real challengers. Slattery eventually takes the challenge, and while fighting, learns of the seeds' location in the basement from Chandler.

    The teams from the ship cause an ambush which results in a gunfight between them, Vellek and Bin Dalik's men. Though Slattery gets the seeds, he is stabbed by Lucia, who escapes, while also revealing that Chandler is from the U.

    S Navy to her brother. While Chandler and the two teams are secure, Slattery is left injured while still carrying the seeds.

    On Sardinia, the two teams from the Nathan James encounter resistance from Bin Dalik and Vellek's men as they are all looking for Mike Slattery and the seeds.

    Slattery manages to get into a house, where a local woman helps tend to his wounds, while also drugging him with Nostos. He is also faced with hallucinations from the past, of his wife and children, and Chandler.

    He manages to escape the house after Bin Dalik raids it personally. He subsequently reaches a cathedral tower, where he signals with a broken mirror, to the Nathan James.

    The two teams and the helicopter are sent to extract him from the tower, but they face the forces of a Greek navy destroyer led by Lucia Vellek and commander Stavros Diomedes.

    The Greek destroyer is unsuccessful in shooting down the helicopter, which is saved by a missile from the James itself. The ship enters Nuka mode in order to confuse the Greek destroyer, which misses with its second missile.

    Slattery is extracted safely from the cathedral on board the helicopter, bringing him back to the ship. Michael Sussman. The crew of the Nathan James divert from their mission by delivering the seeds to Naples when they receive a suspicious distress call from a fishing trawler.

    Though Meylan is sceptical to the idea, which is partly shared by Chandler, but insists that they should rescue the people on board the trawler.

    The helicopter and a boat is sent to secure the trawler and its inhabitants. During this time, Burk seems paranoid when helping, something Green confronts him about back on the James.

    Burk reveals that he finds it hard to trust anyone after everything they have experienced. It is also revealed that one of the immigrants on board the trawler, is a fellow British intelligence agent working with James Fletcher, named Harry Sinclair.

    He has a message to Fletcher from the Riverhouse, which states that ties the United States has been cut, and that the government is willing to find a cure to the Red Rust on their own.

    Fletcher asks if the doctor Sinclair is referring to, is Paul Vellek, which he confirms. He also orders Fletcher to get the seeds and that they leave the Nathan James soon after.

    Near the coast of Italy, the James loses contact with the inbound C that was meant to meet them there. Kara Green and the rest of the leading crew, suspects that it was shot down by Vellek.

    Despite mixed feelings from the crew about his return, Chandler is sworn in again as a navy captain. The Greek navy has managed to track down the Nathan James and is headed by Lucia Vellek, alongside two other vessels.

    The Nathan James tries to lose them in a storm, which partally proves successful. On board the Nathan James , Fletcher and Sinclair go ahead with their plan.

    Sinclair stages a panic attack and is brought to the medical bay, before he escapes with the seeds. Fletcher on the other hand, gets hold of their equipment, but later carries it himself after Sinclair is shot and badly injured.

    They reach the outside of the ship, where Sinclair hands over the seeds to Fletcher and says it is up to him now. Sasha Cooper reaches Fletcher before he jumps overboard and is later picked up by Giorgio Vellek and his yacht.

    The incident on board the James leaves five dead, including Dr. Heggen in the medical bay, a Master-at-arms and Michael O'Connor.

    Following the memorial, Carlton Burk tells Eric Miller, that incidents such as the one that happened, should not happen again.

    Based on accounts from Chandler, the two teams from the Nathan James head to Atokos Island, where Giorgio Vellek's mansion is located, and also where he hosts his fighting club.

    When they arrive at the mansion, Vellek is throwing a party, which allows the teams to sneak in. Azima Kandie goes in undercover before handing Vellek over to Chandler's team, while Miller, Taylor and Burk act as snipers and look-out.

    Cooper and Kandie manage to find encrypted files on Vellek's computer which they send to the James for decryption. He executes one hostage before the James teams fire back, and Chandler's team move Vellek out of the mansion.

    Burk detonates a bomb in Vellek's office as Bin Dalik and his men reach it. Amid the commotion, Vellek escapes from their custody, an is presumed dead.

    Back on the ship, they discover that the files from Giorgio's computer contain videos and other files about the fighters in the so-called fighting club.

    They also discover that Dr. Paul Vellek used them as test subjects for an experiment to ease aggressive behaviour. They also discover the location of Vellek's lab, which is not permanently in place, but always on the move.

    Chandler concludes that it could only mean that Vellek's lab is on a ship. The crew narrows down their search to Kleos Island, where they infiltrate the lazaretto , with Burk, Jeter, Green, Miller and Wolf going in undercover.

    Green, Wolf and Miller go in as prisoners, while Burk and Jeter get to the control room to detract information and send it to the Nathan James. Cooper and Kandie serve as snipers and look-out from the outside.

    Green, Miller and Wolf meet Ares, the man that Chandler fought in the footage they saw earlier. They learn from him that the mind-control drug is in the food, and that it serves as the main drug for everyone in the lazaretto.

    When Wolf refuses to eat, he fights back, but it leads to their cover to be blown and they flee the prison, but Ares is killed in the escape attempt.

    They are later extracted by the ship's helicopter. All of it does not go unnoticed by Vellek and his ships.

    James Fletcher tries to persuade Giorgio to work against his father, but fails after he is caught trying to transfer a distress signal to the Nathan James explaining his actions.

    Unbeknown to the Velleks, the transmission reaches the James despite cutting off. Fletcher is killed by Giorgio and his body is thrown overboard.

    As the Nathan James heads to Malta to stop the spread of Vellek's cure, the crew must confront the full force of his defenses.

    They work out a tactic to try and distract two of the three ships that are in formation, but Chandler suggests that the third one might not be the one with the seeds after all, and that there could be a fourth ship.

    This is later proven to be correct, as Lucia and Girogio are the only ones commanding the third Greek destroyer with its crew. Green, Kandie and Wolf head out in a speedboat and disguise as a fishing boat while towing a barrel of explosives for one of the other ships.

    Though the crew of said ship notices them, it's blown up and sinks. For the second last ship out of the ones in formation , the Nathan James launches torpedoes into the water, if they pass without issues, they likely passed under fishing boats, but if they hit something, it would likely be said Greek destroyer.

    The strategy proves successful, as the second last destroyer is sunk. The third destroyer destroys a fishing boat, serving as a warning to Chandler and the James.

    Despite Lucia's warning, the James and the third ship ensue a battle with missiles and explosives at one another, though mostly failing in both directions.

    With their last bits of ammunition, the James eventually hits the third ship right in its bridge, also killing Giorgio in the process. The battle does not go without casualties, as the their helicopter is shot down by the fourth Greek destroyer carrying Vellek.

    Despite this, Kathleen Nolan is the sole survivor from the helicopter and is rescued. They then destroy all the crates and planes after it's discovered that the plants in the crates contain bugs that are the carriers of the cure.

    Though Green and Miller are injured during the mission. Back on the Nathan James , Chandler proposes that they should take out the last Greek destroyer from within and secure the seeds, something he volunteers to do because it is personal for him, but Cooper also volunteers to go with him.

    They sneak on board the Greek destroyer and disable its engines, causing power-outs on board, leaving it vulnerable to the James.

    Slattery plans a boarding team once Chandler's plan proves to have worked, and he also orders the James to be driven right towards the Greek destroyer, essentially sideswiping it.

    Once the James strikes the Greek destroyer, Slattery and his team go on board. Vellek sets his research and lab on fire to burn evidence and escapes to the ship's deck, where he is confronted by Chandler.

    Chandler tries to negotiate with him, but Vellek declines his offer before Chandler is pinned down by Lucia. Before she can do any more harm, she is shot by Cooper while Slattery and his team arrives.

    Vellek bids his farewell as he jumps from the ship, committing suicide. Danny Green, Wolf Taylor, Azima Kandie and Sasha Cooper are working in Panama, on a mission in an attempt to try to persuade the Panamanian president to accept aid from the United States, something he doesn't accept when they eventually meet him at his 50th birthday party.

    As they prepare to leave the country, news coverage reveals that the president has been assassinated and that they have been framed for his murder.

    At the same time, the Gran Colombian air force fire upon the American fleet during Fleetweek, leaving over a thousand dead, including Andrea Garnett and Dr.

    In addition, a cyberattack disables all electronic equipment around the country. In Panama, Green proposes that they head towards Gran Colombia and then wait for eventual back-up given that they know who the enemy is.

    Slattery and Burk join the speedboat from the Nathan James to head back to the ship and then head south. Following the attack on the fleet by Tavo's air force, Chandler and command debate their next move, where Chandler suggests that the Nathan James could defend the canal in Mexico where the oil supply is located, but is downvoted by Lieutenant General Anita DuFine and General Don Kinkaid stating that they do not have the resources.

    At sea, the Nathan James battles a Colombian navy ship in blind, only using maps and minimal sonar navigation as assistance. The crew, led by Kara Green and Slattery, manage to duplicate their forces by sending a remote EMATT underwater to fool the enemy ship and lure in a full circle until it gets in firing range of the James.

    Though they miss a few times, they manage to disable the ship with, and an additional torpedo is also fired at the enemy ship before subsequently sinks.

    During planning for an attack on a bridge, the group is attacked and held hostage by Colombian forces led by Colonel Perez. Perez executes some resistance members, including Pablo, after they refuse to give up information on Armando Maza, but the group manages to escape after Cooper and uncaptured resistance members fire back and drive the Colombian forces away.

    As enemy forces make their way north, Chandler decides to head back on board the Nathan James where representatives from Cuba and Mexico have met up with the crew to discuss an alliance to fight against Gran Colombia led by Gustavo Barros.

    The representatives are agitated at one another due to the tension and conflict between the two countries, which even leads to their own soldiers fighting in the cafeteria.

    Slattery brings the representatives back to the table afterward, and with Chandler, gives the chance to accept each other's differences and stand together against Gran Colombia.

    The James is later attacked by the Colombian air force, but fights back with the support from Cuban and Mexican soldiers on board and the ship's helicopter.

    At the U. Southern Command, President Joshua Reiss arrives, expressing frustration at the ones in charge of the command to not have informed him about the Nathan James participation and the coding that was sent between the ship and the command.

    He later expresses to Jeter, that the country would not be able to afford to lose Chandler. In South America, Green, Taylor, Cooper and Kandie, together with the Panamanian resistance group, plan an attack on a bridge that will prevent the Colombian forces from moving north.

    Armando Maza and resistance members hijack Colonel Perez's truck, but he escapes after alerting his troops of a trap.

    Taylor and Kandie set semtex explosives on a tanker and drive onto the bridge, jumping out before it detonates, causing the bridge to collapse, killing colonel Perez in the process.

    The Mexicans manage to sink one ship that strikes their minefield, while another Colombian ship is headed towards the James before being scared away towards the Cuban forces.

    Though the Cubans respond by saying they will engage, they do not show any sign of responding later on. The James is then attacked repeatedly by an almost unseen Iowa -class battleship.

    Though Chandler insists they chase it, Commander Kara Green insists to the contrary due to the amount of damage the ship has sustained.

    The ship is later docked for repairs. In South America, Armando Maza sends resistance member Vasquez to escort Danny Green, Taylor, Kandie and Cooper to the airfield, though they are ambushed halfway their by Colombian forces and a minefield, which critically injures Taylor and kills Vasquez.

    The rest manage to get Taylor to a local medical clinic where Taylor is treated for his injuries to its best capabilities before Colombian forces raid the place, and the group departs.

    They subsequently reach the airfield and are flown back to the U. S, Clayton Swain and Alisha Granderson continue the investigation into the cyberattack, where digital footprints lead to a hack on key cards that was done at on the day of the attack.

    Granderson suspects her fiancee after reflecting on memories from said day. She arrives home early to confront her fiancee, Kelsi Baker, who is revealed to be Tavo Bastarro's mole and a follower.

    Swain tries to call Granderson regarding further evidence, but she is caught in a brawl with Baker, before she is stabbed and killed before Baker escapes from their house.

    Four months following the previous episode, the Nathan James is still undergoing repairs while its crew as drawn back to civilian life.

    Chandler, along with members of the U. Southern Command plan an extraction mission to get Barros' chief war strategist who is in Jamaica. They capture the strategist, Manuel Montano, and hide in an underground bunker, waiting for extraction.

    During their time there, Montano reveals that he never supported Barros, but only did as he was told until he realized what a monster Barros was.

    During a discussion about war and peace with Montano, Chandler gets flashbacks to his life with his family, where he had a fallout with his daughter, who was furious over his lack of presence at home.

    Colombian forces descend on the bunker, and Chandler and his team shoot his way out, but Montano dies after being hit by enemy fire.

    Following the mission, Miller, the Burk brothers and Jeter, attend a family party in the Southern Parrish who has invited veterans and them, as members of the Nathan James crew.

    Chandler, having made amends with his daughter Ashley, following their fallout, bids her and his son, Sam, goodbye as they move to St.

    She wishes him well, and that he finds his peace. The U. Despite this, navy and marine soldiers join forces and are deployed to Cuba, Chandler, Cooper, Taylor, Danny Green, Kandie and Miller being among them.

    While they and the marines leave the C safely along with the package of weapons, Chandler remains on the plane until it is suddenly shot down by an unknown missile.

    The plan presumably crashes at sea, but Chandler survives, but is injured. He manages to heal himself before making his way inland towards Havana where the others are.

    The package has landed at an apartment complex, where pro-Gran Colombia Cuban soldiers reside, which subsequently leads to a firefight between the marines, navy and the soldiers.

    Chandler and the Cuban resistance leader arrive and save them from incoming soldiers, and the resistance leader is revealed to be Cuban representative Eduardo Fuentes, who was sent to the Nathan James earlier.

    At sea, the crew of the Nathan James tracks the missile to have likely come from the same Iowa -class battleship they encountered in the Mexican bay earlier.

    Despite their efforts, they are unable to track it. American and Cuban resistance forces descend on a secret military base east outside of Havana, known as Camp X.

    It is unknown what the base hides, but the American and Cuban resistance forces fave heavy backfire from the pro-Gran Colombian Cuban soldiers, going so far to use an M1 Abrams tank against them.

    The Nathan James tries to lose them in a storm, which partally proves successful. Retrieved June 30, November 9, Retrieved July 28, Archived from the Die Pfefferkörner Folge 1 on July 17, Cooper, Taylor, Kandie, Danny Green and some other navy Ishihara Satomi also head inland in an attempt to locate Barros. The incident on board the James leaves five dead, including Dr. Top-Rated Episodes S2. Kara Green and the rest of the leading crew, suspects that it was shot down by Vellek.

    The Last Ship Ship Information Video

    The Last Ship: 5 Seasons in 5 Minutes [MASH-UP] - TNT


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